Parent Advisory Council

about us

we work for students.

Our diverse backgrounds and perspectives help us build a strong community, fill resource gaps, advocate for all students, and support our school through fundraising.

We raise over $24,000 each year through a combination of school-based fundraising and funds from BC Gaming.

These funds support field trips, classroom materials for teachers, sport uniforms, cultural presentations, awards, end of year trips, school spirit building events, art supplies, music equipment, and much more.

We also provide valuable feedback to school administration and the district on issues that effect our kids and our school

our current executive.

Tanya Del Bianco, Chair

Brianna Lawrance, Co Chair

Erin Poettcker, Secretary

Sarai Racey, Treasurer

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If you missed a meeting or just want to know what we’re up to, you can access public documents by clicking the links below

we're not CCSS

We love them, but we’re different.

While both organizations work to support students, the Cumberland Community School Parent Advisory Council (CCSPAC) and the Cumberland Community Schools Society (CCSS) are separate organizations with different mandates.

CCSPAC works to support and promote the involvement of parents in their children’s education through events, advocacy, and fundraising.  

CCSS exists to facilitate community well-being through partnerships and collaborative use of school facilities and community resources. This is accomplished through the provision of a Healthy Food Program, after-school programming, drop-in Youth Centre, and opportunities for lifelong learning.

Go here for more info on CCSS.

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